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Episode 23- Fiona Basile

Fiona comes to the podcast today with her wonderful new Coffee table photo book in hand. You can see some of the images on her website here . The book is entitled Immerse and can be found in a wide range of independent book stores .

Fiona has created a stunning book with not only beautiful images but also with stories from her fellow Seaford Swimmers.

As well as a love of swimming, Fiona has also a degree in Law and Journalism.

She also has qualifications in photography. Her career in photojournalism goes back many years and in the podcast Fiona talks about her travels to Malawi documenting Obstetricians and locals trained to assist in childbirth. She also discusses her Faith based photography for the Missionary sisters of Service.

For this book I wanted to ask Fiona a little bit about the technical as well as her motivation and love of swimming.

To my surprise Fiona has taken most of the photographs with a Go Pro which she tucks into her bathers while swimming! She also uses her iphone, Nikon and Panasonic GH5 camera for other images. However the majority of the photographs - in the water - are using the Go Pro.

Fiona jokes that she has developed quite a strong core, from balancing taking photographs in deep water!

A passionate open water swimmer -since, like many an introduction to Port Phillip Bay during Covid lockdowns. Fiona loves the community and continuity of joining her swimming tribe on the Seaford foreshore each morning for sunrise.

And of course how could we not discuss the Dolphins - what a source of joy and magic those creatures are indeed.

Fiona will be continuing her photo journalism journey next month with a trip to Rwanda - a far cry from Melbournes bayside - on an assisgnment to interview and photograph survivors of the genocide that took place in their country 30 years ago. No doubt a very moving experience for her.

I recommend you all to follow Fionas journey via her Instagram account @fifilepiu for her stunning images of the bay and I'm sure a different landscape for her next assisgnment.

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