Tim Martelli is the guest for Episode 7.

Anyone who has visited Chapel Street in the past 30 years may recognise Tim from the long standing and eternally popular Italian eatery La Lucciola.

I have known Tim since the early 80s and in those days I would have eaten almost 10 meals out of 14 in his Restaurant. Tim's gorgeous Mum Rosa is still working in the kitchen. Giving your food lots of love.

In this episode Tim talks about his journey from Tri-athlete to Iron Man and the dedication and training path that saw him achieve a long standing goal in 2016.

He was always keen on sport including playing AFL at school with the Libratore brothers Tony and Frank.  Tim continued his active lifestyle while not being too obsessed... until at age 50 he decided that he really did want to be an Iron Man.

We also chat about the changes to Chapel Street and the glory days of the 80s and 90s!