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Tim and I first connected over our heartache and joy of the Carlton Football Club. As an award winning Sports Journalist and Broadcaster, you may recognise his voice in this episode.

Tim decided to start his pool life about 14 years ago after a fatigue of running left him searching for a new exercise plan.

Harold Holt indoor pool in Malvern was his first endeavour and he soon progressed to laps in the 50m outdoor pool. Now we are both impressed with ourselves for our winter dedication, swimming outside in the steam covered heated pool! (No Icebergers here!)

Tim is constantly looking to improve and he has a swimming buddy with whom he trains. He has even completed the Pier to Perignon - a 4km bay swim, as well as the Pier to Pub in Lorne.

As Tim often travels for work, he endeavours but is not always successful, in finding great swimming spots around the country.

Recently Tim, traveled on holiday to South America where he found some great swimming spots. A Waterfall in Brazil and the salt lake of the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile which sounds picturesque. He then headed to a thermal pool in the crater of a 'dormant' volcano, as well as enjoying the water, the cautionary tales of travelling are sobering.

Back home, other pools Tim enjoys in Melbourne include Richmond - an indoor Olympic size pool, Hawthorn and Surrey Park.

Tim has tried a few squads, but not keen on the pace of exercise. While he can see the benefits, he finds them exhausting!!

We definitely agree that swimming is a great fitness routine both in the pool as well as enjoying the surf and salt water.

Tim looks forward to his swims at Lorne with the crew of dedicated swimmers who regularly do a pier to pub return route. The a highlight of course, is back at the Surf Club deck for coffee afterwards.

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