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Diane Panjari has been swimming regularly for 23 years.

Although she lives north of the river, she swims at

Prahran Pool before she heads off to work for

Stonnington Libraries.

Diane initially started swimming due to a back injury.

Books are heavy!

In 2006 she started working in Stonnington after starting her

career as a School librarian, then a Childrens' librarian in a

public library.

Over the years Diane has watched the role of Public libraries

change significantly.

They have thrown off the restrictive mantle of a quiet and boring space to now becoming a hub of the community.

With the launch of the Internet, people thought that would be the death of libraries but instead they have grown and embraced the digital culture.

Libraries now teach people how to use computers, share information, offer community programs such as Knitting and STEM classes for young and old. They offer an ideal work space for students and the self employed.

As a community we are increasingly interested in sustainability and with the shared resources of libraries that provides the perfect sustainability model. Shared books and information,  digital catalogues of ebooks, movies and documentaries. The library provides resources to all.

A truly egalitarian facility.

Diane talks about the staff reflecting the community and how staffing has changed and become diverse and inclusive.

Students who may think becoming a librarian could be dull, instead they find they are offered a broad range of interesting career options.

You may not have visited a library in a while, but there is a life cycle of use and it will always find something to offer you from 3 years old to 101!

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