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Episode 20 - Paul Gildea

I met Paul Gildea as part of the Seagals, the group of women I swim with in Elwood.

So Paul - alongside Graeme and Bill - being the only men swimming regularly with us; are known as SeaPals.

During this conversation we cover a wide range of projects that Paul has been involved in during his Musical career. He may skim over some of the names, but he certainly has far reaching talents.

Amongst those whom Paul has played with include - his permanent role as a member of Icehouse. Touring with The Little River Band, James Reyne and Vika & Linda Bull.

His management experience was with Stonefield , Motor Ace and Michael Paynter.

Paul was inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame with Icehouse in 2006.

Further musical achievements include operating a successful Production house Monkeesee and then becoming a lecturer in Music Business.

Paul also studied Applied Business and obtained his Masters Degree.

And within the framework of all his touring, performing, teaching and learning.. Paul swam!

Learning to swim at the City Baths in Melbourne CBD as a child, Paul and his brother both became squad swimmers and swam morning and afternoon at the Glasshouse pool in from age 10 - 13.

He swam for his school and enjoyed it, but his true calling to be a musician took over when he received his first guitar!

Paul has swum whilst touring both in Australia and the USA and is appreciative of the quality network of public pools we have here.

Paul has been a welcome and popular member of the Seagals and we all enjoy the community and swimming support.

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