Grant Siedle was a swim coach at the Harold Holt pool from the early 90s'

He has coached young students, teenagers at high school and adult squads.

Whilst Grant spends most of his time poolside, his primary passion is Open water swimming

Grants journey into bay and surf swimming stems from Triathlon to Surf Lifesaving to eventually running his own open waters swim events.

He established a Kayak business with his mate Don Riddington and his first open water swim was a Winter Solstice swim, at night in Melbourne! The Brighton Baths icebergs relished this challenge and the event was a great success.

Grant then went on to run other marathon open water swim events, including Giants of the Bay (42km) and a 25km bay swim. One of the most challenging events was is The Rip - swimming across the headland from Point Nepean to Point Headland.

In his efforts to be an effective coach to long distance swimmers, Grant attempted to swim the English Channel - only to be withdrawn to due hypothermia. However that practical experience gave him insight when his friend Don was able to successfully complete the Channel swim under his guidance.

Out of the water Grant is a keen musician and has a love of live Music.

We discuss music and swimming and the unlikely connections to be found.

At the completion of this interview , listen out for short grab of the Loudon Wainwright III tune Grant references.