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Most Australians would know Steve Kilbey as the singer and songwriter from classic rock band The Church.

So you may be surprised, as I was, to discover Steve is a passionate swimmer!

Steve's swimming pool is not a chlorinated blue pool with lane ropes and black lines. He swims daily at Wylie Baths in Sydney.

The podcast reveals Steve's absolute love of the ocean pool and his addiction to swimming.

Sitting opposite Wedding Cake island ( a rocky outcrop immortalised in song by Midnight Oil) at Wylie Baths we discuss the beauty and magic of the living ecosystem of this Ocean pool.

Steve loves the fish - giving nicknames to the Snapper, the Bream and Octopi. He's less loving of the jellyfish and sea urchins which have been the cause of few near-fatal injuries to fellow swimmers.

However, whales jumping out of the ocean in winter is always a bonus.

As with all pools, Wylies has it's unwritten rules and politics. 'The Wall' is the coveted real estate of the serious Wylie swimmer.

Steve's introduction to Ocean Pool swimming resulted from breaking a 10-year Heroin habit and searching for a replacement endorphin kick. A winter dip at Icebergs Pool in Bondi in 2000 started his 20 year swimming obsession.

Of course the colder the water, the better, so he insists that wearing a swimming cap and just going for it will give you a fantastic endorphin kick. Then you get a warm shower and coffee at the end!

While Bondi Beach was the start of the swimming journey, times change and the popularity of the Icebergs baths and Bondi meant that Steve no longer enjoyed swimming there.

He moved to Coogee and within 3 days was a Wylie convert!

And like Heroin, the addiction to swimming is non-negotiable. No matter the weather, a swim is necessary.

Steve and his fellow Wylie swimmers find the magical ecosystem of the ocean pool the best mental health treatment - and for only $5 it's a bargain! This benefit seems to be only noted by people over 50. Especially in the depths of winter.

Steve says although he used to enjoy running, swimming is a far more pleasant and less damaging exercise. At 65 years old, he really is in great shape.

We discuss the growing popularity of Ocean pools. Steve says it's always a dilemma of wanting to promote the benefit of ocean swimming at the baths, but also wanting to keep it a locals secret.

On a parting note, Steve says he open to sponsorship from Speedo or Quicksilver. So get in quick and snap up this charming and entertaining spokesman if you're looking for a swim ambassador!

Listen here


Click here for a beautiful acoustic version of The Church song Under The Milky Way.

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