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I was recently introduced to Susan at Prahran Pool and I was thrilled that she agreed to share her story on this episode of The Deep End podcast.

Susan is currently training to swim the English Channel as part of a 4 person relay team. Each person in the team with swim for an hour in order to complete the (possibly) 50 km distance from England to France. That in itself is quite a challenge, but when Susan explains the life changing event that occured when she was 15years old... you'll be amazed.

A tragic boating incident where her family boat sunk in Western Port Bay at night, resulted in a 3 1/2 hour epic struggle for Susan to swim to safety. Susan recalls this tragic evening and the sadness the loss of her family had on her.

Not surprisingly Susan did not swim for 30 years until challenged by a friend to swim the Pier to Pub open water swim in Lorne. That was the start of an 18 month journey to get back in the water and overcome one of her greatest fears.

Susan has now turned a traumatic past into a life where she is grateful for everything she is able to experience and share with others.

After writing a book and finding happiness Susan values her role as a public speaker the joy of of giving back and helping others.

For those wishing to support Susan in her quest to swim to the Channel you can go to her GoFundMe page here or come along to her Fundraising Cocktail night on May 18.

Susan is also a very keen motorcyclist and has plans to start Motorcycle tours in Asia. An ambassador for Honda motorbikes, Susan would love to encourage more women to see the world on two wheels.

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