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When your Mum is a state champion swimmer, chances are, you will find swimming an important focus of your youth. 

In this episode Aaron Tenabel tells about his life in and out of the pool.

As an accomplished swimmer, he was to turn that passion into a profession. He became part of the Australian National Swimming Team.

From the ages of 19 - 23 Aaron trained in the pool up to 12  sessions a week and then gym work outside that.. quite a work load!

Injury and the recuperation period eventually took him away from competitive swimming, but he soon found his feet on the pool deck as a Swimming coach at Newcastle University.

Aaron discusses his passion for all sports, he sees sport as a benefit for both physical and mental health. He is grateful his love of sport has given him a career both as a competitor and administrator.

He is also a life coach at Stride Life Coaching and you can find out more about his business here.

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