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Welcome back to Behind the Goggles!

After another year of Corona Virus restrictions and delays. I've rebooted the Podcast with Angela Dressler.

Angela is an Elwood local and possibly the most friendly person in Elwood. She is highly recognisable with her flowing grey hair and she is always chatting with someone!

So who more perfect to set up a community group of women who are looking for someone to swim with in the bay?

Angela, Penny and Mary set up a WhatsApp group to allow those looking for swim buddy to connect. Who knew what value this would turn out to be when restrictions on travel and closures of pools happened in Melbourne during 2020 and 2021.  A 5km travel radius meant many people were now looking to the bay for exercise and a swim buddy for safety was perfect.

The group has now grown to a WhatsApp group of over 100 and the conversation is filled with people arranging small group swims throughout the day.

The inspiration for the group was the local group Shrinkage, mostly male swimmers who swim early and without wetsuits year round.

The Sealgals became a sub group of this - to accommodate the chatter!

Angela recounts her days as young swimmer and the tragic event that occurred with a 19yo colleague attempting her Bronze Medallion.

Then she talks of her time as a Surf Life Saver with Portsea SLC.

After working in the Health/Education sector and setting up various community events, Angela was also an instigator of the Portsea Classic swim. An event that continues today.

I greatly admire Angelas' tireless positivity and drive to connect with people  - we could do with a lot more of that in a world that has become so inwardly focused.

If you wish to venture into the bay for a swim - with a group of very friendly women , be sure to come to Elwood and connect with the Seagals. You'll feel instantly welcomed and supported.

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