Adie - reveals her true name as Adrienne Greenhough!

Adie has been swimming for almost 40 years. Even at 80 she rides her bike to the pool almost every day.

I don't think I've ever met a more active or vibrant 80 year old. She was absolutely thrilled I asked to interview her for the podcast.

During our conversation Adie talks about her early years in Bendigo, working at a cometics counter and a (very) short stint in Nursing!

Adie then travels to Melbourne where life gets interesting.

Spruiking cosmetics, becoming an Usher in Melbourne cinemas and eventually working at Tolarnos.

Checkout these links to see the wonder of Melbourne Arts in the 50s and 60s.

Adie worked in numerous roles but she mentions Brendan Edwards Gyms and a dance instructor Antonio Rodrigues  - What a sad loss to dance when he died so young. He was a member of the Katherine Dunham dancers.

We chat 80s aerobics and adhoc Flower Stalls.

Mostly Adie shares the joy and freedom of living through that era and her wonderful connection with community.

Adie continues to be active working on the school crossing for Ripponlea Primary School - a role she has held and relished for 18 years.

Such a fascinating lady, she had written notes so she wouldn't forget! I'd love to delver ever deeper into the wonderful adventures she must have had.