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Episode 22- Aaron Smith

Aaron is regular pool and open water swimmer living in Melbourne.

I seemed to have quite a few connections with Aaron from different swimming friends - or instagram buddies!

Aaron grew up in Queensland and was a squad trained swimmer at Southport Olympic pool. Having spent his school years staring at a black line - and not surfing - he gave swimming a rest in his 20s.

A few ventures into swimming at local pools in London were half -hearted and it was only on his return to Melbourne that Aaron started to seriously lift his swimming game.

Swimming with the Heidelberg Flyers squad Aaron enjoys the pool community and also the Open Water swim community events .

His first open water swim event was the Pt Londsale Rip View Classic  ... in a wetsuit where he was terribly anxious and unsure of what he had committed to ... however that was the gateway he needed and now quite a few years later Aaron competes in most open water swims and masters events. He was even placed 2nd in the non wetsuit category in the recent Mentone Marathon 2.5km event!

A keen tech head, Aarons work in technology does not really cross over into his swimming life, however he does have aspirations to build a swim app - an online resource which allows travellers/visitors the opportunity to find safe beach swimming places and perhaps incorporating local knowledge and details of local swim groups.

Sounds great to me! If anyone would like to support this concept with some financing... please get in touch!

Another hobby of Aaron's is photography and with the purchase of a drone he is able to get some excellent photos.

Finally, Aaron is yet another Water Polo player.. so watch out for him at the Portsea event Polo by the Pier next year.

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