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Stella is a regular swimmer at Prahran Pool.

I have seen her in the mornings for the past couple of years and her cheering smile and welcoming Good Morning is always a delight.

Stella loves swimming and spends a few hours at the pool when she visits. Medically retired, Stella finds it a great way to stay active and engaged. Getting up at 5am to travel to Prahran, a pool she loves since it was recommended by a friend.

She has loved swimming since childhood and became involved in more seriously in the sport when her family moved to Queensland.

Even with her interest in Volleyball, the danger and injury level of Water Polo could not convince her to merge the two sports!

Stella enjoys swimming at her own pace and working on technique, achieving her own goals. Although she loves the beach, has not ventured into any open water swimming as of yet.

Outside of the pool, Stella has many interests. She works on some web and social media pages, as she has qualifications in Computer Engineering. Stella also loves cooking, her passion for food means she often brings treats to share with fellow swimmers - including handmade Easter eggs this year!

She also loves hiking and nature.

Like many swimmers Stella has an optimistic outlook, however Stella is exceptionally cheery she always has a compliment for bright bathers or towels and brings a ray of sunshine to the pool on even the gloomiest day.

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