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From the minute Celia walked into Prahran Pool as a teenager she thought it was just so cool. She loved the underwater jazz music. the super cool people and great sense of community.

As the youngest of 7 children Celia has always loved swimming but was in no danger of being dragged to the pool at 6am! She's pleased that swimming has always been a pleasure for her and not a competitive obligation.

Celia, her husband Michael and their children swim regularly at Prahran Pool they swim in varying squads with Aida at Black Line Fever swimming as well as open water swimming at Portsea during the summer.

Celia also loves the mental health aspect of swimming, finding the quiet a great time to refresh as well as it giving you time to think or problem solve without distraction.

With this passion for swimming Celia and Michael have spearheaded a campaign to extend the opening hours of Prahran Pool in winter. They would like to see the pool open as normal during winter so that everyone can access it. The winter hours can exclude certain segments of the community such as mothers with school age children.

Considering that the Pool is already heated for morning and evening sessions, it seems almost wasteful to let that beautiful facility lie empty under the sunny winter skies.

Celia and Michael would love you to support their campaign if you would like to see the Prahran Pool open for extended hours during winter.

You can sign their online petition here:

or join their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. #operourpool

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