Paul Whitehead talks about his introduction to swimming including his first open water swim. His new found swimming mates talked him into swimming his first bay swim - Williamstown 2km - wearing a red wetsuit!

Then he joined the Squad H2O, and found his way into pool competition in the Masters games. We discuss the older you are in these competitions the more likely you are to come home with Gold Medals!

Harold Holt pool - winter adventures - with no roof on the change room!

Paul has seen the great era of 70s/80s Hairdressing. Queues of customers on a Thursday night and Saturday morning... The influence of Warren Beatty in Shampoo on the industry. (if you haven't seen the movie check it out on Netflix).

Paul talks of his loyal customers .. some he's had since 1972.

The influence that music had (has) on fashion and hairdressing... creating looks we wanted to copy but having to create our own version of them.

Proper fashion - tailors and designers in Chapel Street- not importers or fast fashion outlets.

Rifmik Hairdressers was a Art salon, the store was actually decorated with painted details by artist Kate Durham. The staff were bring new styles and art house looks to their customers.

Paul says his longevity in working is due to his understanding of fitness. The introduction of a 'non-smoking' salon in 1990 was ahead of its time.

He tried to get his staff fit in the mid 80s at Ultimate Gym and found them just sitting in the deck chairs at the Gym - smoking, rather than exercising!

We all loved dancing at Chasers .. where most of got our fitness workouts.

Paul has had a life long passion for playing and collecting guitars.

He also loves restoring cars.

Paul is a 'people person' so he loves the care and community element of belonging associated with his interest groups.

A dedicated and professional man.

Thanks for listening.